Right On Brands, Inc.

Fact Sheet

Who we are:

Here at Right On Brands Inc., we believe industrial hemp, CBD's, cannabis, adaptogenic superfoods and natural water can change peoples’ lives. We are developing, marketing, and investing in these types of products for a new generation of health-conscious consumers. As these products become a greater part of the daily lives of millions, we will be on the cutting edge of this revolution with our industry leading brands.

Brands and subsidiary companies:

Our subsidiary companies, ENDO Brands™, Humbly Hemp™, ENDO Labs™ and ENDO Wellness Centers all share the same goal of providing our customers with the best products in the health and wellness space. We offer both hemp and CBD-based products made from the highest quality materials all under the strictest guidelines established by our own in-house lab facility. All of our products are independently tested and certified for purity and content. As the field of Health and Wellness products expands, Right On Brands will be there with the highest quality of certified Food, Health and Beverage Products.



We focus on high growth markets where CBD-based products can be made available for legal distribution. We leverage the marketing and sales capacity of established food and beverage distributors who have thousands of retail accounts with restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, bars, liquor stores, gas stations and sporting events in our target markets.


Revenue Strategy:

1.  The Company is executing an aggressive plan to open up new distributor relationships across the U.S.; train and support local staffs and facilitate initial sales to their customers; and support both the distributor and the retailer with in-store promotional materials such as flyers and display stands, as well as with online media promotions.   We have had large, well established, Anheuser Busch and Coors distributors sign up to sell our CBD-infused ENDO Water product line in their respective territories and shortly thereafter ask to distribute the entire line of ENDO Brands including ENDO Drops and ENDO Ease.

2. We support and encourage consumer-buying behavior through online promotions, e-commerce sales and social media. Food, non-alcoholic beverage and snack distributors throughout the mid-west are leading the introduction of ENDO Brands along with their products that span the deli, bakery, dairy, specialty retail, seafood, packaging, confections, ethnic and organic categories.

3.  Through a continuing development effort, we intend to launch numerous new products this fiscal year.

4.  Our ENDO Labs division is a private label manufacturer for third-party brands, which increases our revenue without associated marketing/distribution costs.

5. We plan to open and license ENDO Wellness Centers across the U.S., which will be full service spas and retail stores offering our CBD-infused products as well as personal wellness services.

6.  Additionally, we are in early discussions to license our products internationally.



We are experiencing significant growth, first in the distributor chain with its thousands of retail distribution points, and secondly in revenue.  We have grown from one distributor during the fourth calendar quarter of 2018, to more than 15 active distributors in 12 states, and we have close to 20 more under review.  Once we sign a distributor, there is a three month process to begin to ramp up sales past the initial order.  We already are seeing the positive effects of this expanding network.  We booked more revenue in April 2019 than we did in Q1, and with only a small number of our new distributors having placed their initial orders.

As we begin to penetrate a local area, we commit more media spend, focusing on digital media and radio promotion.  We anticipate growth in each market quarter over quarter for at least the first year.  Based on initial responses, we expect to be in 20+ markets by the end of this calendar year, which should lead to continuing growth throughout 2020.



Daniel Crawford - Chairman



Ashok Patel, PhD - CEO, Product Development and Director



A. David Youssefyeh, Esq. - CFO and Director



BK Turner, CPA, CFE, JD - Controller



David (Vic) Morrison - VP National Sales and Marketing


corporate highlights:

1. Strong acceptance of products in the marketplace

2. Revenue generating, with significant growth Q over Q

3. Multiple Anheuser Busch and Coors distributors onboard; $1 billion Midwest food distributor in place

4. Distribution network has grown from one in the fourth quarter of 2018 to 15+ by mid-year 2019; aggressive acquisition plan underway

5. Large pipeline of 15-20 additional distributors likely to sign in Q3 and Q4 2019

6. Display ads and social marketing roll out scheduled for Q3 and Q4 in targeted markets

7. Multiple revenue streams in place with several more under development

8. Entering lucrative health and wellness business with one of the Southwest's first full-service CBD-based wellness centers

9. ENDO Wellness Center rollout scheduled for Q3, following footprint established by distribution network

10. Opening 6,000 sq.ft. regional distribution warehouse/corporate headquarters in Addison, TX.