Right On Brands, Inc.

Fact Sheet

Who we are:

Right On Brands Inc., we believe that goods such as industrial hemp, CBD's, cannabis, adaptogenic superfoods and natural water can change peoples’ lives. We are developing, marketing, and investing in these types of products for a new generation of health-conscious consumers. As these products are becoming a part of the daily lives of millions, we will be on the cutting edge of this revolution providing them with our products.


Our product lines, ENDO Brands and Humbly Hemp share the same goal of providing our customers with the best products in the health and wellness space. We offer both hemp and CBD based products made from the highest quality materials all under the strictest guidelines established by our own in-house lab facility. All off our products are independently tested and certified for purity and content. As the field of Health and Wellness products expands, Right on Brands will be there with the highest quality certified Food, Health and Beverage Products.



We focus on high growth markets where CBD can be made available. We leverage existing distributors who have retails accounts with grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, liquor stores and gas stations in our target markets.


Revenue Strategy

1.  The company focus is to open up new distributor relationships, support their local representatives initial sales to their customers, and to support both the distributor and the retailer with in-store promotional materials as flyers and display stands as well as online media support.   Large Anheuser Busch distributors have signed up for CBD water rollouts in their respective territories.

2. We support consumer-buying behavior through online promotions, e-commerce sales and social media.

3.  We have a continuing product development effort and expect to launch another dozen product by the end of third quarter.

4.  We act as a private label manufacturer for some of our products, increasing revenue without associated marketing/distribution costs.

5. We anticipate opening and licensing EndoWellness Centers, which will be retail stores offering our products as well as Health and Wellness products and services.

6.  We are in early discussions to license our products internationally.



We are experiencing significant growth, first in the distributor chain, and secondly in revenue.  We have grown from one distributor during

The fourth calendar quarter of 2018, to ten active distributors, with an active pipeline an additional seven that we expect to close this calendar quarter.  Once we sign a distributor, there is a three month process to begin to ramp up sales past the initial order.  We are seeing the effect of this already.  We booked more revenue in April than we did in Q1 2019, with only a small number of our new distributors having placed their initial orders.

As we begin to penetrate a local area, we commit more media spend to the area, focusing on digital media and radio promotion.  We anticipate growth in each market quarter over quarter for at least the first year.  Based on initial responses, we expect to be in xx markets by the end of this calendar year, which should lead to continuing growth throughout 2020.



Daniel Crawford- Secretary/Treasurer and Director-



Ashok Patel PhD- CEO, Product Development and Director



David Youssefyeh, Esq.- CFO Director



BK Turner CPA, CFE, JD- Comptroller



David (Vic) Morrison- VP National Sales and Marketing



    Strong acceptance of products in the marketplace

    Revenue generating, with significant growth Q over Q

    Large Anheuser Busch distributors coming onboard

    Key distributors have grown from 1 fourth quarter 2018 to 10 now, sequenced rollout beginning

    Large pipeline of additional distributors likely to sign Q2 and Q3 2019

    Display ads and social marketing roll out over Q2 and Q3 in targeted markets

    Multiple potential revenue streams in development

    EndoWellness Centers rollout begins Q3 in following footprint established by distribution network

    Favorable capital structure for Preferred Offering